First Person On Scene Intermediate in Coventry

Combined Level 3 Working as a Close Protection operative / First Person On Scene Intermediate Course.

Redstone Protection Group Combined intermediate course is aimed at students looking to be taken seriously in the Executive sector of Close Protection and considered “trained” by others working in the industry. It will cover the SIA syllabus as well as having the following upskill modules included:

• FPOS-I (First Person On Scene Intermediate)This qualification is considered by many employers and those working in the industry as the minimum standard of medical training an operative should have.

• CQC (Close Quarter Combat) is the art of unarmed self-protection, instructing you in workable and reliable strategies and tactics to protect yourself and your principal(s).

• Control, restraint & Hand Cuffing.

• Defensive Driving. You will learn tactics and techniques used in the UK, Europe and the USA for keeping the vehicle moving and its occupants safe.

Combined Executive Close Protection
First Person On Scene Intermediate Course

Redstone Projection Group Combined Executive Close Protection First Person On Scene Course

Course Modules:

  • Roles & Responsibilities of a CPO
  • Threat & Risk Assessment
  • Surveillance Awareness
  • Operational Planning
  • Law & Legislation
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Teamwork in the CP Team
  • Reconnaissance
  • Walking Drills
  • Route Selection
  • Vehicle Drills
  • Search Procedures
  • Incidents & Dilemmas
  • Venue Security
  • Communication & Conflict
  • Management Skills
  • Close Quarter Combat
  • First Person On Scene Intermediate
  • Control, Restraint & Handcuffing

Certificates Awarded:

  • Highfield level 3 certificate for working as a close protection operative within the private security industry
  • AOFA Level 3 first person on scene intermediate certificate
  • Redstone Protection Groups Close Quarter Combat Certificate

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