Hostile Environment Close Protection Course

Hostile Environment Close Protection Course in Coventry

Redstone Protection Group advanced course is aimed at students who want to be able to work in both the Executive and Hostile Environment Close Protection roles. It offers everything covered in the Intermediate course with the addition of:

Medicine In Remote Areas (MIRA) giving you the medical knowledge and skillset to be able to deal with casualties in remote and hostile environments around the globe.

Firearms training. On a live fire range in Europe you will be taught safety, handling, marksmanship principals and problem solving with common weapon types as well as introductions to more exotic weapons you may come across. This includes skills and tactics on foot and from vehicles. You will need a valid passport as this course is split between the UK and Eastern Europe.

Hostile Environment Close Protection Course

Redstone Projection Group Hostile Environment Close Protection Course

Course Modules:

  • Roles & Responsibilities of a CPO
  • Threat & Risk Assessment
  • Surveillance Awareness
  • Operational Planning
  • Law & Legislation
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Teamwork in the CP Team
  • Reconnaissance
  • Walking Drills
  • Route Selection
  • Vehicle Drills
  • Search Procedures
  • Incidents & Dilemmas
  • Venue Security
  • Communication & Conflict
  • Management Skills
  • Close Quarter Combat
  • Medicine In Remote Areas
  • Live Fire Tactical Firearms Training


  • Highfield level 3 certificate for working as a close protection operative within the private security industry
  • Redstone Protection Groups hostile environments Close Protection Certificate
  • TQUK Level 4 Medicine in Remote Areas Certificate
  • Redstone Protection Groups Weapon Handling Competency Certificate

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