How To Defend Yourself From An Attacker?

“Cary Caffrey” The author of the best-selling book Girls from Alcyone trilogy once said, “There is no such thing as a fair fight. All vulnerabilities must be exploited.”

This means that the one who is coming to attack you won’t be holding anything back. Once a fight starts, then the mouth won’t get you anywhere, it’s your fists that would do the talking for you. A fight can erupt anywhere and sometimes it’s impossible to evade one.

To protect yourself from such situations you need to know how to defend yourself. If you want to defend yourself then Close protection courses can help you out big time.

Stand your ground in a defensive posture

If a person is about swing a punch at you or trying to get a hold of you then, clench your fists in front of your forehead. The attacker may assume that it is a weak defensive posture however this acts as bait for your attacker to lure them in as he will put his guard down. This posture is very effective as it protects both your ribs and face.

Stand with a wide base

Keep your feet diagonal from both back to front and left-to-right. It is a basic martial-arts stance and quite effective. This stance will help you evade frontal assaults from left and right.

Analyze your attacker

If your attacker has his hands out in front of his face then they are about to attack and if he has his hand on his back then he is concealing a weapon. Always avoid a fight with an attacker who is concealing a weapon knife, gun or bat but if you have learned close combat skills then you will be able to subdue your attacker without any fear.

Hit your attacker with a makeshift weapon from your environment

If your attacker has high endurance and is not going down with your blows then you must resort to a weapon. It may seem a bit of a violent act to use a weapon on a weaponless attacker but you can’t help it. The recommended weapon to take down your attacker is not a gun, knife or bat. Rather you should rely on your environment it may seem difficult and unorthodox but if you learn close combat skills then it won’t be a problem.

Close protection courses will guide you on how to use your environment against your attacker like run them into metal poles with a tackle, use a trash can to attacks, use stray sticks or use a bag to hit him with. There are a plethora of training courses to subdue your attacker on our website.

Go for the kill

Don’t take this phrase literally, we mean to say that go for the eyes or nose as these are the sensitive regions of the body. Blows on eyes or nose mostly subdue an attacker in an instant. If you want to finish the fight quickly then hit them fast and hit them hard like punching their eye or a palm strike on the nose.

Become a situational wrestler

Takedowns can be effective and to land an effective takedown, you should know some basics of wrestling. In this context, Redstone Protection Group can really help you as their close quarter combat course can make you an all-rounder in many fighting disciplines. Wrestling helps you take down your attacker and give him a good ground and pound, which will effectively subdue him.

Stomp your heel

Getting attacked from the back is quite an unusual situation, as your attacker can get you in a chokehold or can effectively subdue you by wrapping their hands around you. To avoid such a situation, lift your foot and bring it down on their foot as hard as you can. It is quite a handful tactic to get out of a hold.

All these techniques are quite useful in an altercation, to learn more about close combat, visit our Training Courses.

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