How To Become a Bodyguard

Since medieval times, the powerful and elite hire bodyguards to protect themselves and their belongings from other people. It’s amazing how the bodyguards or personal protection industry has flourished from medieval to this digital age.

What comes to your mind, when you think about a bodyguard, muscle-bound hunk, who has command over several firearms and wears a well-tailored black suit? If yes, then you are highly mistaken, because your portrayal of a bodyguard comes straight through an action-packed movie, just like most people. A bodyguard is an induvial who has a specific number of skillset and traits, that includes, hand to hand combat skills, intelligence, tactics, situational awareness, communication skills, expert driving skills, common sense, and physical fitness, all these elements are needed to become a bodyguard.

If you are interested in becoming a bodyguard yourself then first you need to be well-versed about how to become a bodyguard. Let’s start from the basics,

Proper training

To become a bodyguard, you need proper training from a certified training institution and do proper courses to become a certified bodyguard.

You must be over the age of 18

It’s obvious that you must be 18 to join a certified training institution and train to become a bodyguard because it may sound fancy being a bodyguard but it takes a lot of heart and responsibility to become a bodyguard.

Score a high school diploma or GED

Okay! a high school diploma or GED is not essential to become a bodyguard but it gives you a lot of edges, it helps you build tactical skills and create a strong state of mind.

Military training is also lucrative, helps you with physical training and character development, it carves you into a mentally and physically tough individual.

Complete first-aid and CPR certification programs

It might sound weird, as you would assume you aren’t a doctor or nurse so, why would you need to learn first-aid and CPR. The reason for you to learn first-aid and CPR is, it is essential and it readies you to take care of hostile and unexpected situations.

Learn the tactical skills

You need to take a bodyguard training program to learn tactical skills, programs like ——

These close protection courses are the complete package, they help you learn skills that include unarmed combat, conflict avoidance, control hostile crowd, anti-terrorism techniques, risk assessment, disarming, dispute resolution, counter-surveillance, advanced driving techniques, and adaptability.

Want to take formal education, take security as a major

It is not essential to take a 2-year or 4-year security education but it massively helps you in becoming an elite bodyguard. Moreover, there are other options to do major in law enforcement, criminal justice or police science.

Take courses that give you an edge over other bodyguards in the industry, these courses include door supervision, CCTV training, tactical firm arms course, and first aid.

Get your bodyguard certificate

You need to surf through the internet to find a protection program that gets you certified, in some states, it is essential. Once you sign up for certification, read the instruction. Every test is different from the other, however, generally, you get scheduled to do a physical test and attempt an online exam.

It’s true that some states don’t require certification but signing up for some additional courses helps you a lot in the bodyguard or protection industry. Indeed, taking bodyguarding as a career option comes with its advantages and get opportunities to stand side by side with your celebrity client. However, it takes a lot to become a bodyguard so, if you take the aforementioned factors in consideration then you can really assess,

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