Jobs You Can Do After Close Protection Training

There are a plethora of jobs a close protection bodyguard can do after getting certified through Close protection courses. It doesn’t matter, what career you were pursuing previously Police or Military. We understand how much time, money, and commitment it takes to pass Close protection courses and get a Close protection license. Consequently, after passing Close protection training you become a total package with a broad range of skills. So, there are a lot of rich, powerful and elite, who are looking to hire you. Below are some of the jobs you can do among many after getting your Close protection license.

Door Supervision

Being a doorman may seem like a job anyone can do with their eyes closed but often bodyguards get it wrong, not able to decide whether to pull it or push it. However, you are too qualified and intelligent to get that wrong. With the working and study, you did at Door Supervision course, you will develop an instinct to supervise and open the door the right way. Moreover, you must stand in front of the door properly checking everyone coming to the place. The bodyguard training prepare you for all this.


Close protection prepare you to land a job as an escort for celebrities, musicians and other important personalities. Here you protect your employer from hostile and unusual situations like an attack from intruders, mob and others. This also includes protecting your employer’s luggage, bags, and other valuables. These luggage weights kilos sometimes but that won’t be a hurdle for you as your Close protection courses have prepared you well to handle that heavy luggage.

Home Security

Many people require bodyguards to protect their homes. For this, a bodyguard needs to have a certain skill set like combating and handcuffing intruders to restrain them and firearm use if any situation escalates. This job takes a lot of commitment, focus and willpower, as you have to be on guard for hours. There are many people who want security around their house.

CCTV Surveillance

There are many cameras around the world, many efficient and skilled people are required to keep an eye on surveillance. This job is not that hectic, as you just have to monitor the cameras for any intruder, once the intruder enters the premises of the place you are protecting, you just have to subdue them.


Why not put the excellent driving skills you have learned from Close protection courses to the test. Having top-notch road sense and unparalleled skills to handle an expensive car can get you a job almost anywhere. In case, you get employed by a celebrity then you have to drive your employer through the excited crowd with patience and skill. Put your feet on the pedal and make a fortune out of driving expensive cars.


Become a counselor and guide people who want to make a name for themselves in close protection security. Convey your skills and experience to carve a path for people who are struggling, show them what needs to be done and how to get into the security industry.

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